Once you have booked your holiday, our agreement is a legal contract.

If you cancel your holiday We will try our best to re-let the cottage. If we do succeed in re-letting, you will no longer be liable for the full rental but you will be liable for a £25 administration fee and any other expenses which we have incurred to re-let it (for example extra advertising costs or having to apply an additional discount to the rate at which we have to let it). We will refund any rental payment you have made less the administration fee and other expenses referred to above.

If we are unable to re-let the cottage following your cancellation:

If you cancelled before 6 weeks of the date your holiday was due to start, your liability ends with the forfeiture of your deposit.

If you cancel within 6 weeks of the start date, you will be liable to pay for the booking in full, even if we have not yet received your balance.

 We advise that you take out insurance to cover the risks.


We hope that things will be approaching something like normal  in 2022. However in the event that your holiday has to be cancelled because the Government makes it illegal for you to travel to us, then in the first instance, we would see if it were possible to reach an accommodation to book an alternative date. If that were not possible, then under these circumstances, we would refund your money less any expenses we had incurred in connection with your booking.   

If we are ordered to close as part of Government policy, we would see if we could reach an accommodation with you to book an alternative date if not, then we would refund your money in full.

Please note that our normal cancellation terms will apply in the unfortunate event that you are prevented from taking your holiday because of illness as this is an insurable risk. We recommend that you do take out an appropriate insurance policy to cover you for this.   


What peace and beautiful scenery - no wonder writers and artists were so inspired.