20-06-18: There's always a lot going on whatever your interests. If you've not looked at our 'things to do' page head for it now and see what's on. We've a couple of weeks left at the end of July/beginning of August - so if you fancy a relaxing and enjoyable break, we'd love to hear from you!

25-05-18: What a fantastic and prolonged spell of good weather! The lake district really does look its best at the moment.

18-03-20 April/May is one of our favourite times of the year with a profusion of Spring flowers, with the visitor attractions open and no crowds. If, after the recent cold weather, you're wanting to look forward to a relaxing Spring break, have a look at our availability and contact us. 


Our nearest market town - Ulverston (6 miles away) - is well worth a visit. There's always some festival or event on and at the end of April/beginning of May it holds a 'walkfest' and flag festival. So, if you fancy stretching your legs and admiring the Spring scenery, it's an ideal opportunity to book in for a short break. (& there's a special offer on some dates). Whatever your interests, you'll find lots to do here. Have a look at our 'Things to do' page ...







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23-01-18: Over the years many of our visitors have enjoyed exploring the beauties of the Lake District on foot or on two wheels so we are especially pleased to have been awarded Visit England's Welcome badges. We'd love to be able to welcome you too!


 18-03-19  It doesn't always rain in the Lake District - far from it but the new washing and drying facilities will certainly help. There's also a small freezer to add additional freezer space over and above what's already in the cottage. Part two of the renovations (now finished) is the larger oven and changed layout in the kitchen area - so, if you want to slave over a hot stove preparing a feast, you can! Have a look at the photo gallery to see the changes we've made. 



What peace and beautiful scenery - no wonder writers and artists were so inspired.